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Hotel Construction

Additional Projects of Note:

  • Fairway Municipal Swimming Pool, Fairway, KS
  • The Bay Water Park Municipal Swimming Pool, Kansas City, MO
  • Vehicle Impound Lot, Kansas City, MO
  • Ad Astra Municipal Swimming Pool, Lenexa, KS

Whether it’s for one night or an extended stay, customers think of your hotel as their temporary home.

Just like in their own homes, quality construction and safety matter. A great experience can create lifelong loyalty, while a bad experience can lead to reviews that cost you future customers.

CB Construction knows the importance of customer loyalty to hotel brands, and we deliver buildings that encourage that loyalty. We make sure construction follows your brand standards, from the overall plan to the smallest details. We’re also experts in identifying value-engineering solutions that don’t compromise the guest experience. Because of our proven successes in hotel construction, we’re approved – and preferred – by the national brands you call your “home away from home.”