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Educational Building Construction

The educational facilities built today will impact tomorrow’s world.

As students grow up and become leaders in their fields, their educational experience will shape everything from their future career opportunities to the communities in which they live and work.

We know the importance of having safe, quality construction educational buildings so both students and faculty can thrive. We’ve delivered new construction and renovation projects for educational facilities, including:

  • Pre-schools
  • K-12 schools
  • Public colleges
  • Private colleges
  • Universities
  • Vocational schools

Many of our completed projects have included specialized facilities like technology-enhanced classrooms, gyms and athletic facilities for team sports, auditoriums and theaters, laboratories, kitchens, cafeterias and dining halls, dorms, shops, dark rooms, libraries, and quiet rooms.

Our approach involves daily communication with the project owner and coordination with all project stakeholders throughout construction. We also work with the school to minimize disruption to the students and faculty.

We’re invested in building quality school facilities that improve the educational experience because it’s not just the students who benefit—it’s all of us.

Additional Projects of Note:

  • Moreland Ridge Middle School, Blue Springs, MO